[photo: Charles Nettleton: Sculpture Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, albumen silver photo, c.1872, detail (SLV H96.160/1789)]

This catalogue, launched in July 2020, is designed to be an evolving rather than static record, allowing for updates and additions as new information becomes available. Accordingly, regular bulletins will be posted, alerting users to new or amended entries, and other important changes.

Forthcoming developments

In the original edition of this site, the large group of well over 200 plaster casts assembled for the pre-Felton collection – almost all of them later de-accessioned – are simply mentioned in passing, as an example of the taste of the period for copies and reproductions: see Reproductions, casts and copies.

But, after a change of mind, it seems to me now that the casts provide such a rich array of interesting insights and information that a complete account of them would form a valuable additional chapter to the Before Felton story. Accordingly, a mini catalogue of them will be added soon – WATCH THIS SPACE!

The photograph above shows a selection of the larger casts as exhibited in c.1872, most of them after Greek or Roman originals.