Alinari (Fratelli Alinari) (est.1852; Italian), & others
Photographs of Central & Northern Italy
40 photos, various sizes (album 55.3 x 45 cm)
Purchased from the Architectural Photographic Association, 1860-61
State Library of Victoria LTWEF 9 [H87.83/1-40]

This album contains a relatively conventional set of views of Florence (nos.1-17), Lucca (18), Monza (19), Pavia (20-21), Pisa (22-25), Siena (26-33) Spoleto (34), Todi (35-36), Verona (37-39) and Vicenza (40).

Most are credited to the recently-established firm of Alinari, with others (nos.20-21 and 37-40) identified as the work of Carlo Ponti (based in Venice). Many of the prints carry the blind seal of the Architectural Photographic Association (some dated 1860), and the Melbourne Public Library stamp, sometimes unfortunately prominent.

The view of the Florence Duomo complex reproduced here shows the cathedral before the addition of the neo-Gothic facade by Emilio de Fabris (1876-1887).

[reproduction: Florence Duomo and Campanile (SLV H87.83/4]


NGV 1865, pp.64-65, listing all 40 photos by title

See also SLV catalogue (under Alinari, as acquired 1861; not reproduced); author’s ID photo shown here. There is a handwritten table of contents at the beginning of the album, and also a set of more recent typed notes, indicating an acquisition date of 1860, and identifying the examples by Ponti (for whom, see linked artist entry)