The present catalogue obviously draws on a wide range of primary and secondary references (for the most commonly cited material, see Bibliography)

Here, links to other entries on the pre-Felton collection are assembled, under two main headings:


Informative and explanatory texts

The extended entries listed below provide additional information and discussion of particular aspects of the pre-Felton collection, either

  • commenting in more detail on catalogued material, for instance a complete annotated list of the remarkable group of engravings donated by George Collins Levey in 1879: see Levey Gift (1879); or
  • elaborating on material not catalogued in full here: see e.g. Plaster Casts.

1943 auction of NGV sculpture

Appendix: Other significant books acquired for the MPL to 1861

The Graphic

Levey Gift (1879)

NGV Travelling Scholarship

“Oval Portrait” series

Plaster Casts

Reproductions and copies


Visual documentation

The following linked entries provide reproductions of some of the more informative early photographs and prints documenting the exhibition spaces of the pre-Felton collection, including views reproduced in the 1905 NGV catalogue. Of course there is a wealth of other material of this kind, much of it accessible via the SLV catalogue, and other examples are reproduced in individual entries elsewhere in the present catalogue

1862 (or later) Queen’s Hall

1872 Picture Gallery 

1875 Picture Gallery

1883 Sunday at the National Gallery

1905 LaTrobe Gallery

1905 Public Library Foyer

1905 Stawell Gallery

1905 Vestibule

1907 Public Library forecourt