Bartoli, Pietro (1635-1700; Italian)
Colonna Traiana eretta dal senato e popolo Romano… (Rome: Giacomo de Rossi, n.d. [1672))
Purchased by 1861
State Library of Victoria [RARESEF 913.37 C34]

Trajan’s column was constructed in Rome in 113 AD to commemorate the emperor’s  victory over the Dacians (in modern Romania).

This book provided the first complete published record of the continuous narrative frieze. The 199 engravings were produced on the basis of casts of the frieze commissioned in 1669 by Louis XIV, who financed the erection of scaffolding for the purpose, and to whom this book is dedicated. Explanatory texts by Bellori are included in the book.

Bartoli worked in Rome, and produced prints of many Roman monuments, including Nero’s Domus Aurea, which he excavated (c.1660).

[photo: engraving showing the top of the column, from copy in the RA (c)]


1861 MPL cat., p.29

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