Bonham Carter, Joanna Hilary (1821-65; English)
Florence Nightingale
Parian ware, size unknown
Presented by George Bartrop, 1880
Unidentified; present location unknown

This bust is recorded in the gallery’s Annual Report for 1880 as made of “Parian marble” – a type of porcelain. (An account of this medium, noting its introduction by Copeland’s at Stoke-on-Trent in 1842, was published in the English Art Journal in 1859).

The artist was the aunt of the sitter, the famous pioneer of modern nursing (1820-1910). Bonham Carter (an ancestor of the contemporary actress Helena Bonham Carter), also produced a drawing of Nightingale in about 1845: reproduced below.

A lithograph of Nightingale by Richard Lane (after Bonham Carter) was also published by Paul & Dominic Colnaghi in 1854.

[comparative photo: drawing of Florence Nightingale by Bonham Carter]


AR 1880, p.74; SB p.418: as presented 10 Feb.1880; with added note: “transferred to Mr Frost 30/10/89”; NGV 1894, p.138 (VII.Cast Gallery, no.84); not listed in NGV 1905

The artist is not listed in either AKL or Bénézit. For the drawing reproduced here, see; the National Portrait Gallery owns several impressions of Lane’s lithograph of Nightingale: see (both accessed 26 Sept.2018).

For the family relationships, see and (also both accessed 26 Sept.2018)

For Parian ware, see “The Corridor of Statuary-Porcelain at Alderman Copeland’s, New Bond St.,” The Art-Journal London vol.5, 1859, pp.347-8 (available via Google Books)