Brogi, Giacomo (1822-81; Italian)
Ricordi di Napoli
Album of 12 photographs
Acquired c.1880?
State Library of Victoria (H98.176/1-12)

[reproduction: Napoli: Veduta del Porto (H98.176/8)]

It is unclear whether this album was acquired in the pre-Felton era or not. It comprises a selection of conventional views of Naples and environs from Brogi’s catalogue, apparently dating from about 1880 (published by Casa Editrice, Florence & Naples).

For Brogi, see linked artist entry.


SLV catalogue (album numbered LTW 57), noting that the album, still intact, was transferred to the SLV’s Pictures Collection in 1998; the previous catalogue number was SF 914.57 R42. Not reproduced (author’s ID photo shown here)