Chasteau, Guillaume (1635-83), after Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609; Italian)
L’Assomption de la Ste.Vierge [The Assumption of the Virgin] (1673)
Engraving and etching
Gift of George Collins Levey 1879
National Gallery of Victoria (p.183.35-1)
Levey gift, cat.20

Duplessis (1869) notes a payment of 1,000 livres to Chasteau for this print on 21 January 1673.

The source was a painting then in the French royal collection (now in the Charleville Museum). The painting, understood at the time of the engraving to be by Annibale Carracci himself, is a reduced-scale copy of his Cerasi Chapel altarpiece in S.Maria del Popolo, Rome (1600-1601).


Not listed in NGV 1894 or 1905 

The NGV impression is not reproduced in the gallery’s online catalogue; author’s ID photo shown here (Sept.2018)

Cf.Suite et arrangement (1727), p.1 and Duplessis Cabinet du roi (1869), p.6 (no.5).

For the source painting, see Posner Annibale Carracci (1971), vol.2, cat.126 (entry for the Cerasi Chapel altarpiece), pp.55-56, mentioning the Charleville copy and Chasteau’s print, with further references (including Bailly’s 1709-10 inventory of the paintings in the French royal collection)