Works included in this catalogue
Chauveau Grand Apartment of the Tuileries Palace 1710 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.66-78]
Le Pautre (J.) & Chauveau Divertissements de Versailles…1674 {1879} NGV [PR] [Levey gift, cat.128-33] (no.2 is by Chauveau)

Chauveau was one of the group of talented engravers who documented the architecture and festivals of Louis XIV: see also separate entries listed under Le Pautre (J.) and Silvestre in particular.

The pre-Felton engravings listed above, all donated by Levey in 1879, comprise:
(i) The series of 13 engravings documented as made by Chauveau between 1667 and 1671, recording the decorations of the Grand Apartment of the Tuileries (Le Vau, earlier 1660s), now destroyed [Levey gift, cat.66-78]
(ii) One of the prints (dated 1675) showing the festivities held at Versailles in 1674 to mark Louis’s triumph over Franche-Comté [Levey gift, cat.129; see also Le Pautre (J.)]


See Bénézit 3, p.847 and AKL 18 (1998), pp.342-3 (entry by M.Préaud), citing IFF Grav.XVII II (1951), 393ff.