Pre-Felton acquisitions included:

  • Dish, Delft ware, c.1500. Donated by F.G.Dalgety 1862. NGV 505A-D1M
  • De Grieksche A Pottery (Jan Theunis Dextra), Delft: Shaving bowl (1758-64). Donated by F.G.Dalgety 1862. NGV 504C-D1M: see photo at right

Both pieces listed above were donated by Dalgety in 1862.

The shaving bowl is from the famous pottery operated from 1657-1818, under successive masters (Dextra was in charge from 1757-65). Other ceramic pieces from the same pottery, acquired after 1904/5, are also in the NGV collection.


For De Greiksche A, see e.g. and (both accessed 16 April 2020)