Frith, Francis (1822-98; English)
Syria and Palestine (c.1856-59)
Album of albumen silver and salted paper prints, 38.3 x 30.6 cm (page size) 
Gift of Edward Thompson 1860
State Library of Victoria (LTW 1/H86.112/1-22)

[reproduction: Distant View of Damascus (H86.112/2)]

This is the first of three collections of Frith’s photos of the Middle East donated to the Melbourne Public Library by Thompson, British Museum librarian.

Detailed contents of the present album, which also includes 6 photos of Malta, are as follows (un-numbered folios; titles marked in pencil): (1) Nablous, the Ancient Schechem; (2) Distant View of Damascus [see reproduction above]; (3) Old Roman Bridge; (4-5) Hebron; (6-8) Temple, Baalbek; (9-10) Temple of Nebuchadnezzar, near Jerusalem; (11) Banias; (12) Mosque of Aksa, Jerusalem; (13) Nablous Schechem; (14) North Shore of the Dead Sea; (15-16) Mosque of Omar, Jerusalem; (17) Auberge de Castilla, Valetta, Malta; (18) Porta Reale, Valetta; (19-20) Santa Barbara Bastion, Valetta; (21) Strada Vescova (?), Valetta; (22) Porta Reale, Valetta.


Not listed in NGV 1894 or NGV 1905 

The SLV catalogue includes summary details, but (as yet) no reproductions; author’s ID photo shown here