Works included in this catalogue
Halswelle Green-robed Senators {1904} NGV [PA]
Halswelle Welcome Shade 1884 {1888} NGV [PA]
Halswelle Heart of the Coolins 1886 {1888} NGV [PA]

Halswelle was a successful illustrator and figurative painter, one of whose most popular canvases, Non angli, sed angeli (1877), was acquired for the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1879.

Both Welcome Shade and Heart of the Coolins were selected for the Melbourne collection from the 1888 Grosvenor Gallery Inter-colonial Exhibition by then NGV director George Folingsby.


For Halswelle, see Bénézit 6, pp.1072-3; AKL 68 (2011), p.375; and (with further details and references). For Non angli, sed angeli, see