Works included in this catalogue
Heffner Early Morning in Bavaria {1891} NGV [PA]
Heffner A Flitting Gleam before the Storm {1884} NGV [PA]

Canvases by Heffner, typically set at dawn or dusk, still appear regularly on the art market, fetching modest prices.

NGV 1894 also mentions two landscapes by Heffner then in Sydney, but neither still appears to be in the AGNSW.


For the artist and other examples of his work, see Bénézit 6, p.1317; AKL71 (2011), pp.56-57;; and (subscriber site) 

The two landscapes described in NGV 1894 (p.13) as then in Sydney, Twilight in Bavaria and Desolation, do not appear in the current AGNSW online catalogue, nor do any other works by Heffner. Oddly enough, however, passing mention of Desolation, described as an “immortal view of the Roman Campagna,” appears in a review of an Egyptian-themed spectacular staged in Sydney in 1897: see “Her Majesty’s – Matsa,” Sydney Morning Herald, 1 March 1897: see