Herring, John Frederick, Junior (1820/21-1907; English)
Horses and Pigs (c.1864)
Oil on canvas, 36.5 x 61.5 cm
Purchased, 1864 (advice of Charles Eastlake)
National Gallery of Victoria (p.300.16-1)

This barnyard scene, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1864, was among the first paintings bought for Melbourne, and was apparently a popular work during the collection’s early years.

The artist was the son of John Frederick Herring, Senior (1795-1865), two of whose equestrian paintings were acquired for the NGV after 1905.

As Ann Galbally notes, the painting was initially mistaken for the work of the artist’s better-known father, whose style it resembles; it was still listed as Herring Senior’s work in the 1894 and 1905 NGV catalogues, and only attributed correctly some years later.


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