Hymans, Henri (1836-1912; Belgian), after Induno, Gerolamo (1825-90; Italian)
Popolane di Roma {sic}
Presented by the Belgian government, 1868
Present location unknown

Hymans, besides being a print-maker, was also an art historian and curator of prints at the Bibliothèque royale in Brussels.

Induno studied at the Brera Academy in his native Milan from 1839-46 and then became heavily involved in the struggle for Italian independence, serving under Garibaldi; he painted both military and genre scenes.

The title listed here may be translated as “women of Rome.” While there is no obvious identification, a painting by Induno auctioned by Skinner (Boston) in 2005 as “Hearing the news of the day” (also noted elsewhere as dating from 1864 and also titled A letter from the front or Donne romane) may be relevant: see photo reproduced here.

[comparative photo: Induno painting auctioned in 2005]


PF (acc.no.p.179.10-1), as “Italian Women,” acquired in 1868; AR 1870-71, p.34, under Schedule XXXIV: Engravings (details as noted above)

For the Induno painting reproduced here, see https://www.skinnerinc.com/auctions/2299/lots/62 (work auctioned 18 Nov.2005)