[photo: Charles Nettleton: Sculpture Gallery, National Gallery of Victoria, albumen silver photo, c.1872, detail (SLV H96.160/1789)]


Two major groups of entries have been added since this site was launched in July 2020:

  1. Illustrated Books, a new category. Initially, the books catalogued have been limited to significant examples acquired up to 1861 (with linked artist entries as appropriate); see also Appendix: Other significant books acquired for the Melbourne Public Library to 1861. Later, it is intended to add further entries for notable illustrated books acquired from 1862 to 1904.
  2. Plaster Casts: a set of posts providing a comprehensive catalogue of Melbourne’s former plaster cast collection (at this stage, in the form of lists rather than entries on each individual cast).

See also New Entries since July 2020.