Paulson, Annie (1806-66; English)
Fruit Piece
Oil on canvas, c.68.5 x 76 cm
Presented by J.Paulson, Esq., 1871; de-accessioned and sold at auction, 1941
Unidentified; present location unknown

The 1894 NGV catalogue, which describes this work as “unfinished,” notes that “Mrs Paulson exhibited a few pictures at the Suffolk Street Exhibition between 1838 and 1850.”

She was subsequently recorded as active in Castlemaine, Victoria, from c.1861-66, mainly as a watercolour painter; and a sketchbook of watercolours of Victorian bush flowers by her, dating from c.1859-61, was acquired by the NGV in 2008.

[comparative photo: page from sketchbook (NGV)]


AR 1871, p.42; SB, p.302 (noting 1941 auction); NGV 1894, p.125 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 8th bay, no.15; size given as 27 x 30 inches); not listed in NGV 1905 

For Paulson, see and; and for her NGV sketchbook, see (page 60, reproduced here, is inscribed “No.14,” dated 1859, and titled “Diuris / from Ravenswood”)