Pettie, John (1839-93; Scottish)
Arrest for Witchcraft 1866
Oil on canvas, 97.8 x 151.7 cm
Purchased, 1876 (advice of Alfred Thomson)
National Gallery of Victoria (p.305.6-1) 

Pettie worked as an illustrator in the 1850s and 60s (see linked artist entry for details), and many of his paintings have a similar character.

This canvas was Pettie’s successful presentation piece for acceptance as an Associate of the Royal Academy, at the unusually young age of only 27.


AR 1876, p.41; NGV 1894, p.28 (I.La Trobe Gallery, no.36; ill.); NGV 1905, p.23 (I.La Trobe Gallery, no.43; ill.) [£600]