Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English)
Glossary of Ecclesiastical Ornament and Costume, compiled from ancient authorities and examples… (London: H.G.Bohn, 1846)
Purchased 1857
State Library of Victoria [RARESF 247 P96]

This was the revised 2nd edition of this book (first published in 1844), with additional text matter by the Reverend Bernard Smith (1815-1903).

There are 73 leaves of chromo-lithographs after Pugin by M.& N.Hanhart and H.Maguire. Hailing the publication in 1844, The Ecclesiologist concluded: “Never – in modern days at least – were illuminations more exquisite.”

[photo: Title page (from another copy)]


MPL 1857, ii.31

The National Gallery of Australia holds a copy of the first edition. For a full online reproduction, see e.g. https://archive.org/details/glossaryofeccles00pugi (accessed 21 Feb.2021); there is also a modern reprint of the 2nd edition by Spire Books (2013): see https://www.bookdepository.com/Glossary-Ecclesiastical-Ornament-Costume-W-N-Pugin/9781904965428 (quoting the 1844 comment from The Ecclesiologist)