Raphael (1483-1520; Italian), attributed to
Head of St John
Oil on panel, c.61 x 61 cm
Bequeathed by Canon Bromby, 1889; de-accessioned and sold at auction, 1941
Unidentified, present location unknown

This work is listed in the NGV’s 1889 annual report and the 1894 catalogue as a “Cartoon Head of St John” attributed to Raphael, possibly a copy based on one of the artist’s tapestry cartoons (of which the pre-Felton collection included photographs). It did not appear in NGV 1905, and was de-acquisitioned in 1941.

For details regarding the donor, and other works also bequeathed by him to the Melbourne collection in 1889, see linked entry.


AR 1889, p.43; SB, p.314 (size given as 24 inches square, noting Oct.1941 auction); NGV 1894, p.126 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 8th bay, no.19); not listed in NGV 1905

For details of the photographic reproductions formerly in the Melbourne collection, see linked entry on Raphael