Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-92; English), after
Engravings from the pictures and sketches painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 4 vols., London, 1820 (engravings by S.W.Reynolds)
Acquired 1858
State Library of Victoria [AEF759.2 R33]

This 4-volume set comprises engravings by English printmaker Samuel William Reynolds (1773-1835), appointed royal engraver in 1820.

A second series of a further three volumes appeared later (c.1845), with engravings by various printmakers; it appears that these additional volumes were not acquired for Melbourne.

[photo: Dr Johnson (from another copy)]


MPL 1857, III.ii [1858], p.38 (& MPL 1861)

See SLV catalogue (not reproduced). The plate reproduced here is from a 7-volume set auctioned by Bauman, U.S.A.: see (accessed 15 Feb.2021)