Stafford, G. (details unknown; active c.1844-1860) 
24 drawings, mostly pen & ink (some coloured), various sizes
Purchased, 1872
National Gallery of Victoria (p.166.128.1-1 to p.166.128.24-1)

[photo: Untitled c.1850 (p.166.128.9-1)]

The artist responsible for this group of illustrations has not been identified. The works treat various themes, including battle scenes, and classical and Shakespearean subjects. Some are dated (from 1844 to 1860).

The NGV’s online catalogue lists medium and size for each work, and all are reproduced. The drawings in order of acquisition number are as follows (pen & ink unless noted otherwise):

p.166.128.1-1: Untitled [device featuring two swords & crown]
p.166.128.2-1: Serena [sleeping nymph discovered by satyrs; titled l.c.]
p.166.128.3-1: Away my Lord [inscribed l.r: “Scene 1. ACT 3”] (from King Lear?)
p.166.128.4-1: Untitled [personifications: labelled “Fancy” etc.]
p.166.128.5-1: Two scenes (The Tempest) 1856 [two sheets, the first titled and dated; pen & ink with watercolour]
p.166.128.6-1: Two scenes – Come kiss. Heres my hand [two sheets, pen & ink with watercolour, titles]
p.166.128.7-1: Satan addressing his fellows 1844 [inscribed “May 15th 44” (l.l.) and titled l.c.]
p.166.128.8-1: Untitled [battle scene; black & white chalk]
p.166.128.9-1: Untitled c.1850 [soldiers storming a castle] (dated c.1850 in NGV’s online cat.) [reproduced above]
p.166.128.10-1: Untitled [two men in armour, fighting]
p.166.128.11-1: Untitled [knights in the lists]
p.166.128.11-1: Untitled [female figure in armour: Joan of Arc?]
p.166.128.13-1: Untitled [man and woman in armour]
p.166.128.14-1: Untitled [man being beaten]
p.166.128.15-1: Untitled [snake biting itself]
p.166.128.15-1: Untitled [mythological scene]
p.166.128.17-1: Untitled 1860 [Good Samaritan?; dated “April 20th1860 (l.l.)]
p.166.128.18-1: Hector & Androm [ache?]
p.166.128.19-1: Untitled 1849 [Apollo on his quadriga etc.; dated l.l.: “Jan.17th 1849]
p.166.128.20-1: Untitled [group of outlined figures]
p.166.128.21-1: Untitled [two fighting figures]
p.166.128.22-1: Untitled [seated woman; pencil & watercolour]
p.166.128.23-1: Untitled [several figures, some riding, one on a camel; black & white chalk]
p.166.128.24-1: Untitled [angels and demons?]


Not listed in AR 1872, NGV 1894 or 1905 

The artist is not listed in Thieme-Becker, Bénézit or AKL