Todt, Emil (1809-1900; German)
Bust of Richard Heales
Presented by subscribers {by 1865}
Present location unknown

This work was included in the 1865, 1880 and 1894 NGV catalogues, but seems to have disappeared after that (it is not listed in NGV 1905).

“Examples of it survive with the Heales family, and in the Healesville High School,” according to Terence Lane (2006), who reproduces the latter work (a copy in Parian ware?), as shown below.

Heales (1822-64), after whom Healesville is named, was Minister for Lands and (briefly) Victorian Premier (1860-61). The 1870-71 annual report lists both Todt’s bust (as cited below), and also a separate plaster cast.

[comparative photo: copy (Healesville High School)]


NGV 1865, bust no.34; AR 1870-71, p.28 (Todt’s bust); NGV 1880, p.45 (cited by Lane 2006, n.24); NGV 1894, p.137 (VII.Cast Gallery, no.35: “Original by Todt. Presented by Subscribers”); not in NGV 1905  

See Lane “A life revealed: Emil Todt” (2006), esp.n.24, and Terence Lane (2006), noting that the Heales bust also appeared in the 1869 loan exhibition at the Public Library; and fig.8 (the Healesville work, reproduced here). For Heales, see the ADB biography by Margot Beever (1972):