Unknown (metalwork, origin unknown)

  • Door knocker depicting Neptune with sea horses. Purchased 1862. NGV 1101-D1R
  • Vase & cover. Purchased 1862. NGV 1151.1-2-D1R [ill.] (“Damascened & chased with silver & parcel gilt, Moresco work”): see photo at right

[photo: Damascened vase, purchased 1862 (NGV 1151-D1R)]

Unknown (metalwork, English)

  • Knife & fork with figured ivory handles, c.1885. Purchased 1885. NGV 1033/1034-D1R [ill.]

Unknown (metalwork, French)

  • Iron key,  17th century. Purchased 1898. NGV 405-D2 [ill.]

Unknown (metal & enamel works, German)

  • Silver-gilt cutlery, 19th century. Purchased 1862. NGV 1026.1-3-D1R [ill.]
  • Snuff box. Purchased 1871. Loc? (refer NGV’s unpublished list of re-Felton acquisitions: acc.no.3-D1R)
  • Enamel plaque with Biblical subject, 18th century. Purchased 1871. NGV 4-D1R [ill.]
  • Two wrought iron locks, 16th century, & iron key, 18th century. Purchased 1898. NGV 403 to 404-D2 & 406-D2 [all ill.] (See also AR 1898, p.26, for further details)