Unknown artist/s
Two views of Corinth
Presented by James Ledger, Esq., by 1865
Unidentified; present location unknown

The 1865 NGV catalogue lists both works as watercolours, and the NGV’s unpublished list of pre-Felton acquisitions (PF) records them as “Sketch of Corinth” and “Drawing of Corinth.” The 1894 NGV catalogue includes only one work, describing it as a watercolour donated by James Ledger. None of these early sources lists the artist/s involved.

Without further information it seems impossible to say much more, as nothing corresponding seems to be extant in either the NGV or SLV; further research into the identity of the donor may prove productive.


NGV 1865, p.40 (listing two works); PF (acc.nos.p.164.1-1 and 2-1; as acquired in 1868); AR 1870-71, p.34 (both works); NGV 1894, p.44 (II.Stawell Gallery, no.6: “View near Corinth”; size given as 8 x 13 inches); not listed in NGV 1905

Ledger is also named in NGV 1865 as the donor of “four original Ideal drawings, illustrating light and shade,” identifying him as “James Ledger, Esq., Alma, near Maryborough”