Unknown photographer/s
Nine photographic Views of Grantham, Lincolnshire
Presented by Richard Boyall, 1876 
Location unknown

Nothing seems to be known about the origin or whereabouts of these photos. The identity of the donor is also unclear, but the name Boyall crops up in a 19th century context in a recent local news story from Grantham (notable in more recent times as the birthplace of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher).


AR 1876, p.42  

Cf. https://www.granthammatters.co.uk/good-bye-to-a-bit-of-grantham-history/ (a story dated 12 January 2020, regarding the demolition of a building originally housing Richard John Boyall’s carriage and tram works, before it became a skating rink in the 1880s; accessed 5 June 2020)