The civil architecture of Vitruvius: comprising those books of the author which relate to the public and private edifices of the ancients / translated by William Wilkins; with an introduction containing an historical view of the rise and progress of architecture amongst the Greeks (London: Longman, Hurst &c, 1812; including 41 plates)
Purchased in 1858
State Library of Victoria [RARE SF 720 V83]

Vitruvius’ architectural treatise (written before 27 AD), the sole significant ancient text on the topic, was widely influential in the early modern period. The present volume was one of several English translations. Wilkins argues that Vitruvius based his observations largely on ancient Greek architectural principles.

The illustrations appear at the end of each text section, preceded by explanatory comments. Several different engravers were involved, notably Wilson Lowry (1762-1824; Welsh). The plates are dated variously through to 1817.


MPL 1857, III.ii (1858), p.42; MPL 1861, p.541

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