Volpato, Giovanni (1735-1803; Italian), after Raphael (1483-1520; Italian)
The School of Athens
Presented by W.Jaffray (by 1865?)
Present location unknown

Raphael’s famous fresco, in the Stanza della Segnatura in the Vatican, dates from 1509-11. This print is clearly identified with the details above in NGV 1894 and 1905. An earlier reference in NGV 1865, noting Jaffray as the donor, indicates the subject as “Peter and Paul preaching,” but this seems to be an error, the reference presumably being to * Volpato after Raphael Deliverance of St Peter {by 1865} Loc? [PR] (also noted as donated by Jaffray by 1865).

For a second impression of the present engraving in the pre-Felton collection, see * Volpato after Raphael The School of Athens (c.2) {1868?} Loc? [PR].

[comparative photo: Wellcome Trust impression]


NGV 1894, p.110 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 2nd bay, no.53); NGV 1905, V.ii.42; cf.MPL Summary Report 1871, p.34 (another impression, “with key,” listed as presented by the Belgian Government, probably in 1868)

For the impression reproduced here, see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_School_of_Athens;_a_gathering_of_renaissance_artists_in_Wellcome_V0006835.jpg. As far as I can ascertain, Volpato’s engravings after Raphael did not include a “Peter and Paul preaching”