Chuck, Thomas Foster (1826-98; English/Australian)

Work included in this catalogue Chuck Explorers and Early Colonists of Victoria 1872 {1880} SLV [PH] Chuck, who was active as a professional photographer in Melbourne from the 1860s, supervised the production of the composite image of Victoria’s early colonists listed above, and was also a major contributor to the Public Library’s “Oval Portrait” series from 1866

Botterill, John (1817-81; English/Australian)

Work included in this catalogue Botterill Sir Redmond Barry {1892} SLV [PA] Botterill, documented as active in Melbourne from the 1850s, mainly as a professional photographer, was one of the principal contributors to the Melbourne Public Library’s  “Oval Portrait” series initiated in 1866. Refs. For Botterill, see Kerr Dictionary (1992), pp.82-83; (including a useful biography and further references); AKL