Dibdin, Thomas Colman (1810-93; English)

Lithographs included in Fergusson Rock Cut Temples of India 1845 {by 1861} SLV [IB] * Fergusson Ancient Architecture in Hindostan 1848 {by 1861} Loc? [IB] Dibdin, a watercolour specialist, also made prints, including the lithographs in both Fergusson’s titles on classical Indian architecture (after Fergusson’s own in situ drawings). Refs. See Bénézit 4, p.877, and

Appendix: Other significant books acquired for the Melbourne Public Library to 1861

NB this select list is designed to supplement the important examples of early acquisitions catalogued under Illustrated Books. Again, emphasis is given to titles on art, architecture, archaeology and travel/exploration. Some of the title listed below included illustrations but usually only in small numbers and/or of modest artistic merit. Nevertheless, many of them are important

Humphreys & Jones (O.) Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages 1849 {1860} SLV [IB]

Humphreys, Henry Noel (1810-79; British) & Jones, Owen (1809-74; Welsh) The Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages (London: Longmans, 1849) Purchased 1860 State Library of Victoria [AEF 745 H88] Survey volume, illustrated with 39 chromo-lithographed plates drawn and lithographed by Jones, reproducing examples from the 7th to 16th centuries. See also Jones (O.) The Grammar of

Waring, John Burley (1823-75; English)

Illustrated book catalogued here: Waring Manchester Art Treasures 1858 {1858} SLV [IB] Trained as an architect and illustrator, Waring collaborated with Wyatt on the handbooks for the Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance and Italian Courts in the Crystal Palace at Sydenham (1854). Waring was then appointed superintendent of the works of decorative art and sculpture in the

Jones, Owen (1809-74; Welsh)

Illustrated Books acquired for the Melbourne library by 1861: Humphreys & Jones (O.) Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages 1849 {1860} SLV [IB] Jones (O.) Designs for Mosaic and Tesselated Pavements 1842 {by 1861} SLV [IB] Jones (O.) & Goury Alhambra 1842-45 {1858} SLV [IB] Jones (O.) The Grammar of Ornament 1856 {1857} SLV [IB]

Wyatt, Matthew Digby (1820-77; British)

Illustrated Books supervised by Wyatt: Wyatt Industrial Arts of the Nineteenth Century 1853 {1861} SLV [IB] Wyatt Views of the Crystal Palace 1854 {1859} SLV [IB] Wyatt, who trained and practised as an architect, played a key role in overseeing the construction of Paxton’s design of the Crystal Palace and also, as Secretary of Great Exhibition Committee, the overall

Worlidge Antique Gems 1768 {1858} SLV [IB]

Worlidge, Thomas (1700-1766; English) Select Collection of Drawings from Curious Antique Gems… etched after the Manner of Rembrandt (2 vols., London, 1768) Purchased 1858 State Library of Victoria [RARES 736.2 W89] Worlidge studied art in London with the Genoese refugee Alessandro Grimaldi (whose daughter he married), subsequently making his name as a painter of portrait

Fourdrinier, Paul (1698-1758; Dutch/English)

Works including engravings by Fourdrinier Jones (I.) Designs 1727 {1860} SLV [IB] Wood (R.) Ruins of Palmyra & Balbec 1753 & 1757 {by 1861} SLV [IB] The son of French Huguenot refugees, Fourdrinier was born in Groningen, studied with Bernard Picart in Amsterdam, and then emigrated to England in 1720, where he established a career

Wilson, Richard (1713/14-82; Welsh)

Works listed in this catalogue Wilson Works (etchings by Thomas Hastings) 1825 {1858} SLV [IB] Wilson [manner of] Landscape with Italian buildings {1904} NGV [PA] A noted 18th-century landscape painter, Wilson worked in Italy in the 1750s, and was a foundation member of the RA (1768). The painting acquired from Felton’s estate in 1904, listed

Stanfield (after) Coast Scenery 1836 {1861} SLV [IB]

Stanfield, Clarkson (1793-1867; English) Stanfield’s Coast Scenery: a series of views in the British Channel, from original drawings taken expressly for the work (London: Smith, Elder and Co., 1836) Purchased, 1861 State Library of Victoria [SF 914.2 ST2] The book comprises 40 engravings, produced by various print-makers in dramatic style, with accompanying descriptive and historical texts.

Reynolds (J.), after: Engravings 1820 {1858} SLV [IB]

Reynolds, Sir Joshua (1723-92; English), after Engravings from the pictures and sketches painted by Sir Joshua Reynolds, 4 vols., London, 1820 (engravings by S.W.Reynolds) Acquired 1858 State Library of Victoria [AEF759.2 R33] This 4-volume set comprises engravings by English printmaker Samuel William Reynolds (1773-1835), appointed royal engraver in 1820. A second series of a further three volumes

Pugin (A.W.) Contrasts 1836 {1857} SLV [IB]

Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English) Contrasts: Or, a Parallel between the Noble Edifices of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries and Similar Buildings of the Present Day, Shewing the Present Decay of Taste (London: Charles Dolman, 1836) Purchased 1857 State Library of Victoria [RARESF 720.942 P96] Pugin’s first significant publication was a powerful diatribe against the

Pugin, Augustus Welby (1812-52; English)

Works listed in this catalogue: Pugin (A.W.) Contrasts 1836 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Details of Antient Timber Houses 1836 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Ecclesiastical Ornament & Costume 1846 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Floriated Ornament 1849 {1857} SLV [IB] Pugin (A.W.) Oxford {1877} NGV [WT] Pugin, a highly influential Gothic Revival architect and

Pugin (A.C.) & Britton Public Buildings of London 1838 {1858} SLV [IB]

Pugin, Augustus Charles [Auguste] (1762-1832; French-English) & Britton, John (1771-1857; English) Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London (2nd ed., enlarged by W.H.Leeds, 2 vols., London: John Weale, 1838) Purchased 1858 State Library of Victoria [S 720.942 P96I] This grand-scale publication (first published in 1825-28) provided a comprehensive account, illustrated with engravings by various printmakers

* Lassus & Viollet-le-Duc Notre-Dame de Paris 1856 {1859} Loc? [IB]

Lassus, Jean-Baptiste (1805-57; French), & Viollet-le-Duc, Eugène (1814-79; French) Monographie de Notre Dame de Paris, et de la nouvelle sacristie de MM.Lassus et Viollet-le-Duc… (Paris: A.Morel, 1856) Purchased 1859 Location unknown This volume, illustrated with engravings, chromo-lithographs, and a set of photographs by Bisson Frères, is listed in MPL 1857 as published in 1856. This