Reynolds, Joshua (1723-92; English)

Works included in this catalogue Reynolds (J.), after: Engravings 1820 {1858} SLV [IB] Purcell after Reynolds (J.) David Garrick {1868} NGV [PR] Smith (J.) after Reynolds (J.) Madona col bambino 1791 {1868} NGV [PR] Reynolds distinguished himself not only as a fine portrait-painter, but also as a precursor of the modern arts bureaucrat, especially as

1905 Stawell Gallery

This exhibition space, completed in 1893, was originally used to display watercolours, etchings and drawings, as well as some sculptures (NGV 1894, section II). A similar selection of works was shown there in 1905 (overview reproduced here from NGV 1905, p.80), with some additions, notably Herkomer Queen Victoria  {1892} NGV [PA], prominent on the end