Feckert, Gustav (1820-99; German), after Winterhalter, Franz Xaver (1805-73; German)  
H.R.H. Victoria Adelaide Maria Louisa, Princess Royal of England and Crown Princess of Prussia (c.1858-70)
Lithograph, c.72.3 x 53 cm (paper)
Presented by the Prussian Government (by 1871?)
Current location unknown

In 1858, Victoria Adelaide, Queen Victoria’s first child (1840-1901), married Crown Prince Frederick William of Prussia, to whom she was introduced by Victoria and Albert at the Great Exhibition in 1851.

This print appears to have been donated at the same time as * Rohrbach after Hellwig Frederick William of Prussia {by 1871?} Loc? [PR] and * Milster William I, King of Prussia {by 1871?} Loc? [PR].

The present lithograph reproduces an oil portrait painted in 1857 (Buckingham Palace). Winterhalter’s companion portrait of her husband is in Schloss Friedrichshof.

For images of Princess Victoria as a child, see also separate entries for her mother’s etchings of the early 1840s, donated to the Melbourne collection by the Queen in 1891, as listed under Victoria [Queen] (1819-1901; German/English).

[comparative photo: impression in the British Royal collection]


NGV 1894, p.104 (V.Buvelot Gallery, 1st bay, no.77: as by J.Feckert after Winterhalter) 

For the impression shown here, see https://www.rct.uk/collection/search#/4/collection/608149/victoria-princess-royal-and-empress-friedrich-of-germany (with size and suggested date as shown above). For the Winterhalter portrait, see https://franzxaverwinterhalter.wordpress.com/franz-xaver-winterhalter-works-1856-1860/ (cat.581: the Buckingham Palace canvas, dated June 1857). For Feckert, see AKL 37 (2003), p.374 and Bénézit 5, p.538 

For the information about Victoria and Frederick William, see references cited under * Rohrbach after Hellwig Frederick William of Prussia {by 1871?} Loc? [PR]