Fergusson, James (1808-86; Scottish)
Illustrations of the Rock Cut Temples of India (London: John Weale, 1845)
Purchased by 1861
State Library of Victoria [RARE SEF 726.1 F381]

The first of Fergusson’s significant publications on Indian architecture, this book includes 19 colour lithographs by Thomas Dibdin (1810-93) after drawings by Fergusson, showing major sites in Ajunta, Cuttack, etc.

The title page notes that the prints reproduce “sketches carefully made on the spot, with the assistance of the camera lucida, in the years 1838-9.”

See also * Fergusson Ancient Architecture in Hindostan 1848 {by 1861} Loc? [IB]; and for further details, see linked entry on Fergusson.

[photo: Entrance of the Great Chaitya Cave at Karli (from another copy)]


MPL 1861, p.152

For a complete reproduction of another copy, see https://www.rarebooksocietyofindia.org/book_archive/196174216674_10153585568906675.pdf; and for the reproduction shown here, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karla_Caves#/media/File:Entrance_of_the_Great_Chaitya_Cave_at_Karli.jpg  (accessed 13 Feb.2021)