Works included in this catalogue
Flintoff John Basson Humffray 1859 {1891} SLV [DR]
Flintoff G.A.Thomson {1884} SLV [PA]
Flintoff Sir William John Clarke 1885 {1888} SLV [PA]

Born in Newcastle, England, Flintoff emigrated to Australia via the Californian gold-fields in 1856, and worked in Ballarat until 1872 (his chalk portrait of John Basson Humffray dates from this period).

For the remainder of his life, Flintoff worked as a portrait painter and photographer in Melbourne. A somewhat naive artist, to judge from extant works, he is largely absent from recent histories of 19th-century Australian art.


For other works by Flintoff, see e.g (a portrait of J.G.Ware, c.1865; acquired for the NGV in 2004); (an 1860s landscape photograph); and (an 1887 painting in the Ballarat Art Gallery). See also Kerr Dictionary (1992), pp.265-66: entry by Frank McDonald); AKL 41 (2004), p.254; and Bénézit 5, p.809