Hogarth, William (1697-1764; English), after
Ireland, John: Hogarth Illustrated, 2 vols., London: Boydell, 1793; and A supplement to Hogarth Illustrated, London: Boydell, 1804
Purchased, 1857
State Library of Victoria [SLV RARES 759.2 J67Zi etc.]       

The copies bought for Melbourne in 1857 apparently comprised the 2nd corrected edition of vols.1-2 (1793) and the 2nd edition of the third volume (1804). The books were originally published in 1791 (vols.1-2) and 1798 (Supplement). At some later date, a first edition copy of volumes 1 and 2 was also acquired for Melbourne.

The engravings, by various artists, provide a comprehensive record of Hogarth’s works, including his Rake’s Progress and other famous series. The text by Ireland (1720-1808) elaborates at length on the imagery and sources of each plate.


MPL 1857, iv, p.8 (as 1703-1804); MPL 1861, p.205

See SLV catalogue as noted above (also listing the 1791 edition of vols.1-2). There are various later editions and reprints, some also held in the SLV