Pre-Felton work donated by La Trobe
Lowry after Liardet View of Melbourne 1845 {1859} SLV [PR]

Pre-Felton portraits of La Trobe
Woolner La Trobe [plaster medallion] 1853 {by 1880} SLV [SC]
Woolner La Trobe [smaller bronze medallion] (1853) {1889} NGV [SC]
Woolner La Trobe [larger bronze medallion] 1853 {1888} SLV [SC]
See also “Oval portrait” series, no.1, by Botterill (1866), based on an 1855 portrait by Francis Grant. 

La Trobe was Superintendent of Port Phillip (1839-51), and then Victoria’s first official governor (1851-54). He was Woolner’s most important local patron between 1852 and 1854.

For “La Trobe’s Cottage,” see also * Unknown (19C Australian?) Government House at Jolimont {1900} Loc? [PA].


For details on La Trobe, see (by Jill Eastwood; ADB vol.2, 1967)