Pre-Felton works after Landseer
Albert [Prince] after Landseer (?) Two Peasant Women 1842 {1893} NGV [ET]
Ryall after Landseer Deer stalkers returning {1868} NGV [PR]

Known later principally as an expert animal painter, Landseer was the young Queen Victoria’s favourite artist. He taught both Victoria and Albert etching, and portrayed the royal couple on several occasions. His Windsor Castle in Modern Times (Royal Collection, c.1842) shows Victoria and Albert, “at home” during the early years of their marriage, with their first child Princess Victoria (aged about 2). One of Albert’s etchings from this period, donated to the Melbourne collection by Queen Victoria in 1893 (Two Peasant Women, dated 1842), appears to be based on a composition by Landseer. He was knighted in 1850.

After 1905, the NGV acquired several original works by Landseer, including a witty canvas showing Titania and Bottom, from Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream (Felton Bequest, 1932).


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