Le Pautre, Pierre (1652?-1716; French), after Hardouin-Mansart, Jules (1646-1708; French)
Elevation d’une des faces des costés des Ecuries du Roy sur les Avenues a Versailles 1689
2 engravings (with etching)
Gift of George Collins Levey 1879
National Gallery of Victoria (p.183.67-1 and p.183.68-1)

[Levey gift, cat.99-100]

Hardouin-Mansart, formally appointed Louis XIV’s chief architect in 1681, was in charge at Versailles from 1675. This expansive 2-part print shows the royal stables built to his design between 1679 and 1682.

The engraver was the son of Jean Le Pautre.


Not listed in NGV 1894 or 1905 

These prints are listed in the NGV catalogue as by an unknown engraver (not reproduced). Cf. Suite et Arrangement (1727), p.5; Duplessis Cabinet du roi (1879), p.10. For Pierre Le Pautre, see AKL 84 (2015), pp.158-59 (citing Préaud IFF Grav.XVII, XI, 1993); not listed in Bénézit