Works after Maclise included in this catalogue
* Sharpe after Maclise Death of Nelson 1876 {1878} Loc? [PR]
* Simmons after Maclise Noah’s Sacrifice 1857 {by 1894} Loc? [PR]
* Stocks after Maclise Wellington and Blücher 1876 {1878} Loc? [PR]

Maclise, whose career was spent largely in London, specialized in historical subjects. The two engravings donated to the Melbourne collection in 1878, made by Sharpe and Stocks respectively, reproduce his most famous works, two murals painted in the Houses of Parliament in London between 1858 and 1864 (for further details refer the individual entries noted above). They exemplify Christopher Wood’s observation that the Victorians had an almost insatiable taste for battle imagery, especially Napoleonic themes.

T.S.R.Boase (1954) considers Maclise’s two frescoes the most significant of the decorations for the new Houses of Parliament in London following the fire of 1843.


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