May, Phil (1864-1903; English)
Untitled [Lord Carrington and New South Wales] 1888
Pen & ink on artist board, 36.8 x 47.0 cm
Purchased, 1903 (advice of Bernard Hall)
State Library of Victoria (H30386) 

This drawing depicts New South Wales as a young woman, seated demurely at the left, and Lord Carrington, NSW Governor 1885-89, standing to the right, equipped with cane, cigar, champagne bottle, and a belligerent attitude.

The text below the image as published in The Bulletin, 25 August 1888, page 11 (reproduced here), runs as follows: “Lord Carrington is not going to resign the Governorship of New South Wales – S.M.Herald”; and then, in capitals: “New South Wales: ‘You’re a very pleasant fellow, but pray don’t stop for my sake, your Lordship.”

For Carrington, see also the comments on May (P.) The Parkes Appropriation 1888 {1903} SLV [DR]; and for a completely different personification of New South Wales, as a violent mother, see May (P.) The Mother of Civilization 1888 {1903} SLV [DR].

[photo: drawing as published in The Bulletin]


Not listed in AR 1903 or NGV 1905

See SLV catalogue entry (not reproduced)