Works included in this catalogue
* Mêne The Hawker {1881} Loc? [SC]
* Mêne Mare and Foal {1881} Geelong [SC]

Mêne, a noted animalier, rivalled Barye. His works appear occasionally on the contemporary art market, sometimes fetching reasonably high prices.

Both pre-Felton bronzes were purchased at the 1881 Melbourne International Exhibition, and then de-accessioned in 1943.


AKL 89 (2016), p.91 (entry by R.Treydel); Bénézit 9, pp.760-61, including an extensive list of auction results through to the early 2000s. There is a catalogue raisonné by Michel Poletti & Alain Richarme (Paris, 1998), which I have yet to see