Pre-Felton acquisitions included the following:

  • Plate (1874) (decorator: William Mussill). Purchased 1878. NGV 48-D1M [ill.]
  • Various pieces purchased directly from Minton at the Melbourne International Exhibition 1881. Some are extant in the NGV. e.g. Dessert Plate (NGV 32-D1M): see photo at right
  • Ewer and stand 1884. Purchased 1885. NGV 55.1-b-D1M [described in AR 1886, p.26 as “after Cellini”]
  • A further group of pieces purchased in 1886, including several described in AR 1886 as reproductions. Several of these are extant, e.g. Palissy ware tray: NGV 61-D1M [ill.]
  • Two vases decorated by Frederick Rhead. Gift of Robert Murray-Smith, Agent-General for Victoria. NGV 49 & 50-D1-D1M [ill.]

[photo: Dessert plate. Purchased 1881 (NGV 32-D1M)]

Founded at Stoke-on-Trent in 1793, Mintons became the leading maker of ceramics and tiles in the Victorian era, continuing to operate until 1968. Replicas of earlier ceramic pieces (Renaissance, Palissy, Sèvres etc) were produced in considerable numbers during the 19th century, and, from the 1840s, reduced-scale Parian ware copies of popular sculptures. Original tile and crockery designs were also produced by various designers, including A.W.Pugin (see now Pugin Oxford {1877} NGV [WT]).

Mintons products were widely exhibited and purchased at exhibitions from 1851 onwards, and a large group was acquired for Melbourne at the 1880-81 Melbourne International Exhibition, as noted above. However, many of these appear to have been de-accessioned later.

The NGV now holds some 200 Minton pieces, including a large number donated in recent years by Dr Robert Wilson.


AR 1881, p.54: “Important series of examples of Ceramic Art” purchased from Minton at the 1881 Exhibition; AR 1886, p.26, listing various pieces, some identified as reproductions 

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