Powers, Longworth (1835-1904; US/Italian) & others
Photographs of sculpture, antiquities and buildings in Italy (mostly in Rome)
Album of 82 albumen silver photographs 
Gift of Henry Coathupe Mais, c.1888
State Library of Victoria (PCLTWEF 26)

[reproduction: unknown photographers: 4 views of ancient and modern Rome (un-numbered folio)]

These photographs were collected in Europe during the trip Mais made in 1882-3 (see donor entry for details). Powers’ seal and signature appear on several folios, but others are unattributed. About half the folios combine 4 smaller photos assembled somewhat randomly (see e.g. the folio reproduced here).

Like the other albums known to have been donated by Mais after his trip, this collection includes photos of sculpture from various eras, and views of ancient and more recent architecture, mostly in Rome. A cursory hand-written guide to the contents is pasted inside the album’s front cover (labelled on the front “Rome: Ancient Sculpture”).


See SLV catalogue (disassembled album, but retaining the original cover); not reproduced; ID photo shown here taken by the author, Nov.2019