Powers, Longworth (1835-1904; US/Italian), & others
Views of Florence
Album of 37 albumen silver photographs
Gift of Henry Coathupe Mais, c.1888
State Library of Victoria (H87.149/1-37)

[reproduction: Longworth Powers: Monument to Indian Prince (H87.149/10)

This album was compiled by Mais following his 1882-83 trip to Sri Lanka, Egypt and Europe (see donor entry).  Most of the prints are blind-stamped on the mounts: L.Powers Photographe Florence; 4 are by unknown photographers. Like the other albums donated by Mais, this collection has the character of a set of tourist souvenirs, comprising fairly conventional views of the city and its monuments (and one of the Paris Opéra, for good measure).

The photo reproduced here is described in the original album notes (pasted inside the front cover, preserved in the SLV) as “Monument to Indian Prince / Garden of Longworth Powers House”; for this villa, outside Florence, see linked artist biography.


SLV catalogue (disassembled album, also listed as LTW 2); the contents are listed, but there are no reproductions. The reproduction shown here is an ID photo taken by the author (Nov.2019)