Pugin, Augustus Charles [Auguste] (1762-1832; French-English) & Britton, John (1771-1857; English)
Illustrations of the Public Buildings of London (2nd ed., enlarged by W.H.Leeds, 2 vols., London: John Weale, 1838)
Purchased 1858
State Library of Victoria [S 720.942 P96I]

This grand-scale publication (first published in 1825-28) provided a comprehensive account, illustrated with engravings by various printmakers after drawings by Pugin and others.

[photo: Royal Exchange interior (p.53) (from another copy)]


MPL 1857, III.ii [1858], p.37

See SLV catalogue for details; for the illustration shown here, see http://tehne.com/library/pugin-and-britton-illustrations-public-buildings-london-historical-and-descriptive-accounts-each-edifice-2-volumes-london-1838 (accessed 21 Feb.2021)