Illustrated Books listed in this catalogue
Pugin (A.C.) & Britton Public Buildings of London 1838 {1858} SLV [IB]
Pugin (A.C.) Ornamental Timber Gables 1839 {1857} SLV [IB]

Pugin (originally called Auguste) arrived in London from France in 1798, and worked as an architectural draughtsman under John Nash, before embarking on a career as a commercial artist specializing in illustrating architectural books.

The two books listed above were both identifiably early purchases for the Melbourne collection. The SLV also holds a number of early editions of his other publications, notably Specimens of Gothic Architecture (1821-23) and Gothic Furniture (1827), although their exact dates of acquisition are not certain.

For his son A.W.Pugin, who subsequently became the leading Gothic Revival architect in England, also publishing extensively, see separate artist entry, also listing other early MPL acquisitions.


For further details, see; and the SLV catalogue