Pugin, Augustus Charles [Auguste] (1762-1832; French-English)
A series of ornamental timber gables from existing examples in England and France of the sixteenth century (2nd ed., London: Henry Bohn, 1839)
Purchased 1857
State Library of Victoria [RARESF 729.37 P96]

This book was first published in 1831. The lithographs are credited to Benjamin Ferry (1810-80), an architect and draftsman who worked in the orbit of both A.C.Pugin and his son A.W.Pugin, and published a volume of Recollections of both of them in 1861.

[photo: p.2: Gable from Bond’s Hospital, Coventry (from another copy)]


MPL 1857 iii.38

For Ferry, see the detailed article by Jacqueline Bannerjee in The Victorian Web: see http://www.victorianweb.org/art/architecture/ferrey/index.html (accessed 8 March 2021), also including a link to his 1861 book on the Pugins