Summers, Charles (1825-78; English)
Captain W.H.Hovell
Plaster, size unknown
Presented by Captain Hovell, 1871
Unidentified; present location unknown

Listed among the donations to the gallery in the NGV’s Annual Report for 1871, this bust was catalogued among the plaster casts in the NGV’s 1894 catalogue. Nevertheless, it appears to have been an original work, like Summers (Charles) John Pascoe Fawkner 1856 {1871} SLV [SC], also in plaster.

Hovell (1786-1875) settled in Sydney in 1813, and, with Hume (see A’Beckett Hamilton Hume {1881} SLV [PA]), explored New South Wales and Victoria in 1824, reaching Port Phillip Bay, which they took to be Westernport Bay.


AR 1871 (as by Summers); NGV 1894, p.148 (VIII, Cast Gallery [Antique Room], no.56; not naming the artist). Not listed in NGV 1905; PR no.147 (NGV

For Hovell, see (by T.M.Perry; first published in ADB  vol.1, 1966)