Unknown (British, 19th century)
Parian ware, size unknown
Presented by Captain Lonsdale (c.1860)
Unidentified; present location unknown

This bust is noted in the NGV’s stock-book, in the earliest list of acquisitions (undated) as in “Parian marble” (for this medium, see * Bonham Carter Florence Nightingale {1880} Loc? [SC]).

Lonsdale also donated another work in the same medium: * Noble [after] Queen Victoria {1863} Loc? [SC].


SB, c.1860 (opening page): listed as Parian ware, valued at £20; NGV 1894, p.141 (VI.Cast Gallery, no.109)

A plaster cast of another figure called Innocence, based on a statue by John Henry Foley, was also in the pre-Felton Melbourne collection: see Casts – I. Statues etc. (I.73)