Listed here are various further documented acquisitions besides those covered in linked entries – see Decorative Arts – Introduction for full lists (PF indicates the NGV’s unpublished list of pre-Felton acquisitions).

Unknown origin

  • 2 Plates. Purchased 1862. Loc? [PF 203-4: acc.nos.1106 and 1107-D1R]
  • Vase. Gift of Neville Bagot 1862. NGV 1201-D1M (not illustrated; “with bronze snake handles”
  • Medallion portrait of Raphael (alabaster). Gift of Mr J.Staples 1877. NGV 1202-D1M [ill.; as acquired in 1862, but AR 1877 clearly indicates it was acquired then]

Bohemian (Czech)

  • Cup and saucer (late 18th/early 19th century). Purchased 1862. NGV 508.a-b-D1M [ill.] 


  • Porcelain vase, c.1840 (?). Donated by F.G.Dalgety 1862. NGV 445-D2: see photo at right. This vase is described in the NGV’s online catalogue as made in Staffordshire, c.1840. However, in the gallery’s unpublished list of pre-Felton acquisitions (no.179, under 1862), it is listed as “Old Leeds ware,” which may point to its origins in the famous pottery founded at Hunslet, near Leeds, in 1756 (but essentially moribund by 1881): see now (with references). The lustrous surface appears to have been typical of both Leeds and Staffordshire pottery during the period.
  • Five imitation Greek vases, c.1850. Donated by Captain Andrew Clarke, 1862. NGV 411-D2 to 415-D2 [some reproduced]
  • Bough pot, c.1862. Purchased 1862. NGV 512.a-b-D1M [ill.]. This is described by the NGV as produced by the Crystal Palace Art Union, in the style of Florentine Renaissance artist Luca della Robbia
  • Plaque, c.1885, decorated by Miss C.Lee. Purchased 1885 (advice of Sir Frederick Leighton). NGV 540-D1M [ill.]


  • Jug, 1650-1700 (stoneware). Donated by F.G.Dalgety 1862. NGV 443-D2 [ill.]
  • Jug, 17th century (stoneware). Donated by Sir George Verdon 1891. NGV 568-D1M [ill.]


  • Candle holder, earthenware, 18th century (from Valencia). Purchased 1893. NGV 1700-D1A [ill.]