Unknown photographer/s
Sixteen photographs (cartes de visite) of Chinese, Indian, and Mozambique inhabitants of Mauritius
Presented by William Cassidy 1874
Location unknown

This set of photos, recorded under gifts in the NGV’s Annual Report for 1874, does not seem to be extant.

The SLV does hold various photographs taken in Mauritius during the period, including an album compiled by Sir Henry Barkly (see e.g. Clark (T.) Sir Henry Barkly {1865} SLV [PA]), while governor there from 1863-1870, following his term as Governor of Victoria. But that album is recorded as purchased in 1928, and the photos of Mauritius contained in it, including several taken by Francis Downes (1834-1923), appear to be urban and landscape views.


AR 1874, p.36

For Barkly’s album, see SLV H92.101/1-107; the online catalogue gives full details and reproductions